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Fly Fisher's Guide To The North Platte River

Describes the fishing and access points on the highly rated North Platte River. Covers the water from its head in North Park to Casper, WY. The river has big trout and lots of access. 30 color maps show where. Links make navigation of the ebook easy so you can find info on your favorite section. Acrobat ebook for Mac and Win XP with printable text and maps. Available as digital download. $12.95.

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The North Platte River offers many miles of tremendous access and fishing opportunities from the Colorado headwaters through the City of Casper in Wyoming. The guide tells anglers the information they need: Where to fish, how to get there, what kind of trout are available, float/boat access points, and wading access. The guide also includes descriptions of the more popular fishing areas, recommended tackle and hatch charts. Maps show public and private land and topography along the North Platte.

Fly Fisher’s Guide To The North Platte River by Al Marlowe and Karen Christopherson is published on CD in Adobe Reader for anglers who are interested in fishing and floating the North Platte River. Versions of Adobe Reader are included on the CD for Apple and Windows computer users. The eBook has links making it easy to navigate to view descriptions of lakes and streams, and to see maps of listed waters. Maps and text can be printed on 8.5x11 paper.

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