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Golden Retrievers

When Chester died from a splenic tumor in 1985 our thought was to not get another dog. When I learned of a new litter of goldens a week later that decision was forgotten.

In March 1985 Melvin joined our family. He loved to fetch, especially if it was a tennis ball, a training dummy, or a duck. Our first chance to hunt ducks came in the fall of that year. We drove to the San Luis Valley in south central Colorado to hunt on the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. When I shot the first duck Melvin wasn't certain of exactly what he was supposed to do. I tossed the bird out on the small pond and sent Melvin to get it. After a couple of retrieves he began to understand his job. We came to another pond where we jumped more ducks. I shot one and Melvin went to fetch it as soon as he saw it start to fall. From then on he knew his purpose in life.

His second job was to accompany me on fishing trips.

Because Melvin went with me on fishing and duck hunting trips Jean needed a female puppy for company when I was away. Jean found a litter of goldens with a female pup available. Matilda was a light colored golden retriever. She was as bratty as she was beautiful. Like all golden retrievers, she believed that the only purpose of life is to have fun.

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