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Golden Retrievers

With the exception of a couple weeks in 1985 one or more golden retrievers have shared our home since 1971.

Our first experience with a golden occurred in 1964. Jean, my wife, our two children, along with Jean's parents did an overnight trip to stay in a friend's cabin on the South Platte River. In the afternoon, Brandy, a year-old golden male came down the drive and took up with us. Brandy got lots of attention but when it came time to retire for the night, Jean's mom said that we shouldn't feed him, as he should go to his home for dinner.

After dinner we all turned in for the night, thinking that Brandy had left for his home. Sometime after midnight a car pulled in the drive. The occupants, two men and two women began yelling for us to come out and give them our money. Inside I had everyone move to the corner furthest from the door and prepared for the worst. The leader of the group then yelled that if we wouldn't come out they would come in after us. As they came closer to the door, they got a surprise. Rather than going home Brandy had bedded in the shrubs by the cabin. Brandy came out of his resting place and began barking fiercely. One of the women yelled a warning that there was a big dog, that they should leave. The four left immediately, not wanting to confront a dangerous and vicious golden retriever. In the morning Brandy was given a big breakfast, his reward for keeping us protected.

Beginning in 1964 we had a number of dogs in our home, including a couple of border collies, and two English setters. In 1971 we were given a female golden with the stipulation that if Merry (the female golden) were bred the family she came from would get a pup from her first litter. Merry whelped a total of 39 puppies over a several year period.

For some reason our dogs have always owned the couch

Merry Christmas One of Merry's litters

Big Red Chester, Merry's litter of one

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