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Fly Fishing The Flat Tops

Now available as digital download in Acrobat Reader PDF. Updated recently to include everything an angler needs to know about fly fishing in the Flat Tops. Covers the lakes and streams with information on trout species, size and depth of lakes, trail directions, maps, and lat/lon coordinates of each location for GPS users, road and trail directions, and maps. Digital file/ebook as pdf for Mac and WinXP with printable text and maps. $12.95. Also available from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble


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The Flat Tops, located in west-central Colorado, is a place unlike any other mountain range in the state. There are no tall spires, no fourteeners. Rather, it is a high plateau, appearing as a massive block of rock, pushed upward by some giant's hand, and planed level.

On its surface, covering several hundred square miles, long extinct volcanic craters are filled with water. In other places, glaciers have gouged deep valleys and plowed debris into ridges, damming streams.

Because of its location, the Flat Tops collects an abundance of precipitation. Water, collected by lakes and drained by streams, makes the region an anglers paradise. Names like Derby, Grizzly, Sweetwater, Canyon, Doe, Fawn, Buck, and Spring creeks pop up all over the map. There's Star Lake, Wall, Keener, Oyster, Shepherd and others, causing the angler to conjure visions of large, hungry trout.

There's something for anglers of all persuasions. Fly casters have a choice of streams, from small creeks and beaver ponds to rivers hiding fish of surprising proportions. Lakes and ponds beckon to the spinner fisherman. Some have big surprises. If you should try the Mandall lakes, hang onto your rod. That submerged log you thought you snagged may actually be a ten-pound mackinaw.

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